Ali Ihsan Karayigit

Enjoy of the game

There are even and out sides between yesterday and today's football. Famous football player Ali Ihsan Karayigit states Besiktas and Turkish national team for long time, except a couple of games could not play on grass field and envy today's field grounds. Even the balls, uniforms, shoes can not be compared with the ones used by the youth players. In the past it was fun to play and watch football, fans of opposite sides sat together however you would never see sharp items, weapons, sticks around the stadium area. This was also valid for football players as well. Today's football, some players are grappling referee's uniform. In the past you could not even approach them.

This all remained in the past. There are some items spectators must not forget. Especially football administrators, trainers, players everybody must be a gentlemen and have common sense. Otherwise stadiums will be empty no one will watch or take their family to be left in the middle of the violence. One of the world's most important and great show places to conclude let's enjoy this game!!!.
ihat kahveci is a great player. Futbol is a Futbol ;
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