He was born in 1960 at Istanbul. Primary education started at Moda public school. High school at Marmara College. He attended Italian Culture Center to learn Italian language and he also speaks English. Between 1993-1994 he was in Rome and observe Italian famous football club Lazio’s working conditions and training programs. He started football as amateur club Fenerbahce. After attending the courses held by Football Federation he got his football coach certificate. Between 1994-1995 he prepared Turkish team for the Amsterdam games and was responsible for the Turkish team at 1995  in Amsterdam .And he is Nihat Kahveci's coach.Now Nihat Kahveci is playing in Spain.

Following 1995 month of June he was coach of following teams.

1995-1996 BJK - C Youth Team
1996-1997 BJK - U - 21
1997-1998 BJK - B Youth team
1998-1999 BJK - B Youth Team
1999-2000 BJK - A Youth Team

Between all above years he was very successful in and out Turkey, having champions and degrees.

Nihat Kahveci who he was the most valuable football player in Spain year of 2002 started football at Esenler youth team in 1996 and same year joined BJK professional team. Within one year trained by Hurser Tekinoktay and also for Y.Sulun, Mesud Kumluoglu, Aydin Tuna.

Whom all played for the Turkish National Youth Team and promoted BJK professional team as well as Nihat Kahveci.
Within all above years he won 234 games out of played 269. He approximately one and half month however he was assistance for Nevio Scala unable to continue due to BJK youth team contract.

Between 2000-2001 he was technical director of Canakkale Dardanel Professional Football Club. Within one and half year he won 33 games out of played 72. At the same period he was very successful in the Turkish Cup. Because one of the 16 teams after winning three rounds.
Within one and half year at Canakkale Dardanel Football Club many football players transferred to division A and Super League Club progressed socially and economic wise. Also football club average age dropped to 19 and players Gokhan, Mehmet, Emirhan…..and especially new star of Turkish Football Okan KOC was invited Turkish International Teams.