Franz Beckanbauer
Italian Soccer
in Head

That they pardon the Spaniards to me. It seems much to indicate that they continue having Liga of Europe more hard. But the Juventus Turin and the AC Milan reached the end of Champions Leagues , completely deserved full way and. Therefore Italian soccer has been put again in head. Many sighed disappointed when stating that two Italian equipment faced. It was not a boring encounter of defensive soccer. As much Lippi as Ancelotti pleads for the modern offensive soccer, although in the end they did not develop a as aggressive game as in the great times of the Milan under technician Arrigo Sacchi, when still they were in active-duty the three great Dutch stars Ruud Gullit, Frame Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard, that by the way played along with Ancelotti at that time. To emphasize the absence in Manchester de Pavel Nedved because of an absurd yellow card. The Czech did not deserve the suspension for the end, and I consider that the article of the European Union of Soccer (the UEFA) must be countermanded. In spite of a Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo and Roberto Carlos in the rows of Real Madrid, Pavel Nedved is the most showy figure of the European soccer of the last years, first in the Lazio of Rome and soon in the Juventus. Zidane is surely more the technician, the most wide-awake Ronaldo before the goal and Robert Carlos has a more powerful firing. But Nedved seems to me the most complete player. In him they conjugate technique, physical bottom, spirit of fight, will of triumph and sense of smell of goal. I think, of completely affective way, that is perhaps the stellar hour of a player of the Milan. The Dutch Clarence Seedorf, to its 27 years, has become the only player who has gained the Glass of Europe with three different equipment: Ajax, Real Madrid and now Milan. Personally I do not like to make prognoses, but he really saw a balanced end, and thus he was. The Juventus, in spite of the absence of  Nedved, was sufficiently strong to fit the European crown, but the Milan snatched it in the turn of penalties. After the victory of the milanistas, to the leaders, partners and soccer players of the Bayern de Munich only we have left the consolation: of being able to say that we were eliminated by the champion of Europe.