Hürser Tekinoktay

After so many years Turkish Soccer_________________________________

After long years looking at the situation before the game, to be shown favourite against world football leader England and to see them worried was a big excitement and nice feeling for those who lived with this for last 20-25 years.
Game with England the result and players performance was another expectation fot those debating us being world’s third team without playing with any European team.
Before the game baring above factors in mind England made strategic plans to control the game. The Turkish National Team settled everything at the beginning by stating that we are a good team made of quality players and this brave start and skill was shown during the first half hour of the game.
However after seeing field tactic and individual organisation at 8 minutes before the end of first half gave us signals of the game and will result under different conditions.
This was a proof that English team will start the second half by applying high pressure. This will force us to use high balls to get out of our half field and be advantage for England due to the fact our players are not able to gain these balls backs turned towards the position and this would cause the English defense to win these balls and condemn the Turkish National Team. However this idea could have changed in our favor due to although they had good players to send the side high balls, both centre forwards having the same style and being neak for these side balls was our big advantage.
As a matter of fact, almost one month ago playing the same style England played against Australian National Team in England using the same tactic and Australian team beat England 3-1.
Although this advantage of the score we used this tactic at the last 10 minutes however this was not enough for such experience team as England.
Naturally when we look back to our preparation match before the England Turkey-Ukraine, instead wished played with a team having the same qualification and same style comes to our mind!!!
03 April 2002



4 February 2003