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18 Jul 2006

Elimination Of Brasil And Granma ship ________

As known Latin America, it consists of 20 major countries which starts immediately of South border of United states.

Portuguese and Spanish are main languages and if we add small countries such as Caribbean and Central America the total will be 32 countries.

Latin people are addicted to their pleasure and freedom.Special dances like samba,salsa,

Rumba and drinks like tequila,marguerita,bojita, they all have common characteristics.

All latins stand on their foot and believe traditions also there is rumor "all latins die on their foot"..All of them are proud boarding ship named GRAMMA at the end of 1950.

In addition to all these all of them are football fans.Small kids chase the ball with their bare foot in streets.At the sea shores you see more people running after a ball then swimmers.The
majority of people are full of pride,dignity and pleasue who live in Brasil.
Samba and football are two magic words for Brasil.
Winning the world cup 5 times and 3 times as the runner up,Jules Rimet is in the museum of Brasil.
Last saturday, at the World Cup quarter final ,they played with France and leader of Latin football Brasil lost to France unexpectedly.

Football Brasil

In football games ,to win and lose is very natural,to congragulate the winner and respect the loser are normal necesssity of sport soul.
However Brasilian team was not respected by football fans and their people, instead they were faced with their anger after this tournament.
Player of 2006 Brasilian star, Ronaldinho 's birth city Chapeco his 7 meter statue was burned by football fans. The coach, Carlos Albero Perraira claimed to make unexpected and wrong substitutions during the game. At the arrival of national team to Sao Paulo airport he escaped from rear door.

He started to the game with defensive tactic and fear and also had strengthened mid field and did not regret the decision which he took.
World Cup in Germany did not show well known football as it was in the past,is a very difficult subject to answer.
Very strongly after this tournement at the future agenda, defensive football will be prefered , in addition this without less forward players.

Esspecially Europeans, Asians, Australians, United States and New Zeland which they introduced modern football will make researches on this matter.
But Brasilians will not go nearby the subject.Because in this tournement national team played against their football tradition and Brasilian fans also watched indicated subject.

However the players wanted to show the national traditions and wanted to become countries heroes and show their braves as in 1982 world cup..

They all want is champion of hearts,if eliminate from the tournement as indicated above stay;

Brasil 1982 11 Braveheart




WM 2006 in Deutschland

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