Sven Goran Eriksson which existed of 23 players choiced...

Hürser Tekinoktay                             20 July 2006
To win while loosing ___

The World Cup which ended on Sunday jul 09 according to european media was the best of all.
Tourism actions,technologic reforms and modernized stadiums was the best and most colorful of all world cup' s up to date.

Especially in group games offensive and positive football stratigies was the beautiful part of the cup.At the elimination games money and physologic pressure effected coaches very seriously.Second elimination group matches coaches reflected fear of loosing to the team and field.

Sven Goran Eriksson...

Some coaches choice the team with full of fear.England ,Argentina and Brasilians are the best examples.England coach Sven Goran Eriksson which existed of 23 players choiced,three goalkeepers and the same amount of forward players.
As you see forward players Owen and Rooney's injury risks are taken into consideration.
The situation is much more interesting.
England played with two forward players in the group games and with one in the elimination Rooney who had recently recovered from the injury,and punished from the game with red card,because of remained lonely in forward,all this was effected him because of hopeless.

This was another negative subject
Nearly for hundred years England played with two forward players for offensive football.İn this world cup played outside tradition like the South Americans.

İn the eliminations they turned back to short and fast single forward players,most important to prefer reducing forward player discovered front -sweeper.
Winning the game creating the fighting atmosphere in the dressing room being the english football traditions.İt is imposible to be accepted by the players and English media.

Klinsmann and South America

Argentina was another feared team to play by the England.As you recall quarter finals played very well against home team Germany 1-0 a head and argentina goal keper was injured at the 71st minute.

İnstead of replaced goal keper Abbondanzieri unexperience Franco took the post ,best players on the field Riquelme and Crespo were replaced 73rd and 78th minutes replaced with the defensive players while Saviola and Messi were sitting in the bench.

During the extra time it was gonna very difficult to attack the other post.İf the game remained penalties experienced goalkeeper Lehmann to saved Riquelme penalty in the champion league semi final.
Because of this situation it should be much possible to lose the game by Argentina against Germany and the cost of fear by the Argentina technical staff was paid by being eliminated with penalties.
Latins traditional courages fear was much more seen Brasilian coach Perreira.

Argentina coach Jose Pekkerman only showed his fear in some portion of game,however Perreira's fear was shown at the very beginning of the selection of players for the national team before the world cup started in fact before France game he played one single forward to support mid field this was obviously against his cultural and sportive traditions.

Thus Latin people believe in their tradition showed him necessity reaction .
On the other hand 2 year experienced coach Klinsman although despite of all the criticizeses was not worried and trusted himself,and in addition he choiced 20 year old Podolski from second division and showed the courage to play in the 1st eleven.He created a team which played attack and courageous football which is unusual to the Germans.

Previous world cup,Germans played final,however this time not being played final, Klinsman was the winner because of his courage and philosophy İnfact Klinsman's philosophy and team soul was not only in the team,at the same carried this joy to the tribunes,streets, and even the German parliement.İt seems enthusiasm will continue forever...


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