Top Secret______________

August 1997 third division team Kahramanmarasspor tried hire one forward player from BJK. They visited BJK Professional Football Club and found insufficient for the offered players. After that they went to Tekinoktay whom was the coach of under 21 years of age team and he offered his player Nihat Kahveci but found unexperience/insufficient for the third division. Nihat Kahveci was recommended Toshack’s assistant by Tekinoktay and promoted to a team and two months later he started to play officially and became BJK superstar.

Nihat Kahveci is a superstar in Turkish football.

Some odds in the world can change persons living of life and in this case Nihat Kahveci was the example being chosen the most valuable player of the year 2002 were one of the difficult /thoughest league in the world where Ronaldo, Zidane, R. Carlos , Figo plays.

Nihat Kahveci is a superstar in Spanish football.