Yasin Sülün

Player of the month

We are spoken to Yasin Sulun who is a rising star at Besiktas's midfield.Yasin has started with Besiktas young team years ago and promoted to the A team at 1997-98.
Following are his comments on vorious questions.

Editör: Who has supported you to be at this level ?
Yasin Sülün: My family ,my teams mates ,my trainers Davut Sahin and Fuat Yaman has suppoerted me very much.

Which football star was your idol when your football caracteristic was developing?
Yasin Sülün: I wouldn't call an idol but Sergen Yalcin and Zidane were my favorites

Editör: You are one of the few stars who came from the youth team.What advantages did you find being well trained at the youth team.
Yasin Sülün: Firstly I was wearing the same shirt at the youth team there for it was not hard for me adapt. I also learned football ethics at the youth training.

Editör: What do you think are your weak points?
Yasin Sülün: I'm not thinking of scoring, not shooting to the goal and sometimes I takes risks.

Editör: If you were the trainer why would you play Yasin Sulun
Yasin Sülün: I would play Yasin Sulun For running too much and piching the ball.

What are your further targets ?
Yasin Sülün: My targets are to play in the national team, win the championship with Besiktas and be successful in Europe.

Many people think you should be in the national team.What do you think ?
Yasin Sülün: I respect all thoughts. I respect both those who thing. I deserve it and those who think I don't.

What would you comment about the top level trainers that you have worked with ?
Yasin Sülün:
Toshack; :) was a crazy one but he supported young players.
Brigel; was a very nice person .Being a beginer was his disadvantage.
Scala; Had experience ,but the squad was not large enough .
Daum; The court case continuing in Germany was his biggest disadvantage.
Lucescu; Very good trainer.He reads the game very well .his tectical understanding and analyses are well.

Who do you think are the best local and foreign players in Turkey ?
Yasin Sülün: Sergen Yalcin ,Pascal Nouma...

If you were not playing in Turkey where and which team would you like to be playing?
Yasin Sülün: Real Madrid

When will you get married ?
Yasin Sülün: I am considering one year later...