Reports of the month_________________

Mr.Namoglu is the mayor of Besiktas district of Istanbul.
He is former international referee and UEFA delegate at present. Below you will find his comments on Besiktas, politics and sports.

Tekinoktay: What are the pluses and minuses of Besiktas comparing with the other districts of Istanbul?
Yusuf Namoglu: Speaking of pluses % 99 of people of Besiktas are aducated and the cultural level is quite high. The minuses are having big shopping cenres,universities and Bosphorus bridges within our territories is creaing traffic ,parking and cleaning problems.Population at night is 230.000 in our discrict goes up to 2 million at day time.

Tekinoktay: You have realised your projects in very short time after you came to the offive. As a close observer of your activites after being away for about 1.5 year I have noticed reorganisations at Ortakoy's ,the road Ulus to Zincirlikuyu and the European standard pitch intruduced to Besiktas youth team and the amateur clubs of district at Cilekli which was not usable before.I was amazed how quickly you have finished these things what do you use this speed ?Istanbul very nice city!
Yusuf Namoglu: I have travelled the world as a sports person observed all improvoments.As a politician I have served two terms as a parliament member.I am a civilengineer. I have put all my experience,knowledge and ability to realise my projects.

Tekinoktay: What did you plan to add to Besiktas district in terms sporting facilities
Yusuf Namoglu: We are trying to create new facilities for basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, etc. on each land we find .And we will continue doing that.

Tekinoktay: As one of Turkish referee who conducted highest number matches at Europe how do you evaluate the Turkish referees today.
Yusuf Namoglu: They are behind the Turkish football ...
Turkish football is very well.

Tekinoktay: There are international problems in referee community .Knowing thie community closly what will you comment?
Yusuf Namoğlu: There are international problems in every community. We need constructive critisizm and tolerance for improvement.Those who try to discredit the community should be kept out I belive we should give up small thinking and open up to the world.

Tekinoktay: There are rumors about rigged games in Turkey some telephone calls were recorded last year. As a person who has been in football for many years do you believe these things.
Yusuf Namoglu: There are rigged games in every branch .The important thing is to bring it down to minimum .

Tekinoktay: When do you think a Turkish referee will conduct a World Cup Final?
Yusuf Namoglu: When the talent, capable young ones are given the chances.

Who is the player you like best in Turkey?
Yusuf Namoglu: All of them.
But first Nihat Kahveci.

Tekinoktay: Who is the referee you like best in the world?
Yusuf Namoglu: Collina

Tekinoktay: Almost political parties are going than a reorganisation after the elections. Are you considering a new post your self for coming terms?
Yusuf Namoglu: I am not considering. I am preffering to evaluate every 24 hours.

Tekinoktay: Which city you like best in Europe in terms of urbanism ,is there a city that you say" I wish I was the mayor of.."
Yusuf Namoglu: Budapest is the city I like best. The city, I wish I was mayor of is Toulouse,France.